What if life had a manual you could follow? What if you could go through life without trial and error? How would that change things for you? If there ever was a user manual for life, this episode is the closest thing to it! We discuss 5 key frameworks of life that serve as a guide to navigating life and discuss the importance of having a proven, time-tested method to follow.

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Shownotes and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  • 8:11 – Element 1: Family and personal heritage
  • 12:08 – Element 2: Family and household management
  • 17: 00 – Element 3: Family and Personal Finance
  • 20:00 – Element 4: The Human Being
  • 27:03 – Element 5: Tools
  • Charles Collins’ site: https://lifemasterpiecejournal.com
  • https://lifemasterpieceworkshop.com

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