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Awaken your resilience book cover

Awaken Your Resilience

Awaken Your Resilience: A Memoir – COMING SOON!

Sali and the five kingdoms

As a child, Sali watched her mother vanish into thin air. Despite knowing what she saw, no one believed her—including her family and the police.

The Cat Who Was Afraid of His Shadow

The Cat Who Was Afraid of his Shadow is the tale of Silky, a ruthless suburban cat who is overly protective of his turf, hates mice but is afraid of his own shadow.

Sali and the Matriarchs

Sali and the Matriarchs

Book 2 of Sali, COMING SOON

26 Angels: Words for a Healing Heart

26 Angels: Words for a Healing Heart is a collection of original poems written in memory of the Sandy Hook Elementary school tragedy on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, USA.

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