Suggested Topics

Motivational : Overcoming Hard Times
At some point in our lives, we will have to face varying degrees of hardship, grief, obstacle and adversity. Knowing how to effectively cope with these difficult occurrences will determine the life altering choices you make. Having an easy to follow, step by step plan could help you get through hard times with your head held high while avoiding the dangerous pitfalls in your personal life and your business or professional life.

Self Publishing: Successfully self publishing your book
Today’s technological advances allow virtually anyone to publish a book. While this has drastically changed the publishing industry it also presents considerable challenges for novice and professional authors as well as industry professionals who are finding it harder and harder to get the public to embrace their publications. There are time tested strategies that can be used to leverage these new technologies to get people to actually pay attention to your book. In this lecture, I demonstrate in detail repeatable strategies and how to use them to successfully publish your book and do it right.

Internet and Social Media Marketing: The power of social media and Internet marketing
Social media is one of the most accessible and effective movements of our century. Yet, many companies and individuals alike, struggle to understand how to properly leverage it. Unlocking the true potential of social media consists of using strategies that redefine and simplify traditional marketing approaches. This lecture gives detailed and strategic tips that use a hybrid approach of internet marketing and customer relationship management.

Parenting: Raising Perfect Children
If children came with a manual, parenting would be a breeze! In this lecture I talk about some of the most common challenges of parenting. Tapping into a blend of personal and professional experiences, I share valuable parenting techniques on how to raise healthy, happy and thriving children through various developmental stages.