MVP14: Life Lessons Learned from Travelling

Life Lessons Learned from travelling

There are life lessons in almost everything we do. However, some life lessons can only be learned through travel and they can change your perception on life for the better. In this episode, I talk to Siffy and Tor Torkildson, a remarkable, well-traveled couple, sharing the lessons they learned from travelling.

Podcast Highlights:

  • What have your travels taught you about life? – 5:24
  • What are some of the most memorable places you’ve been to? – 12:56
  • What place stands out of the fold? – 16:04
  • How do you deal with the uncertainty in travelling? – 18:28
  • Where would you recommend people travel to if they only could visit one continent? – 22:13
  • Book project – The Pilgrimage Chronicles – 28:48
  • Words of wisdom about travelling – 31:06

Places Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Niger, India, Minnesota (Lake Superior), Madagascar, Morocco, California, Patagonia, Chili, Argentina, Germany (Munich), Greece, France (Paris), Tsum Valley Nepal, Andalusia, Sicily, Mali (Bamako), Tanzania (Mount Kilimanjaro), Nepal (Mount Everest).

Resources Mentioned in this episode:


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