Overcoming Grief: How I Recovered from the Death of a Parent

Overcoming Grief

One thing is certain; dealing with loss is not easy. Unfortunately, at some point in our lives, we will lose a loved one. This is a given fact of life from which we cannot escape. Today, I share a very personal story of loss and how I dealt with the flow of emotions that ensued. […]

Interview with Author Caroline Oceana Ryan

Author caroline oceana ryan

Got Irish ties? Check out my recent interview with author and peace activist, Caroline Oceana Ryan. Journalist by training, Caroline puts her inquisitive and investigative skills to work. She researched and self published an eye open book on Northern Irish life after the peace agreement. The book, “Adventures in Belfast”, is of particular interest to […]

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

Why you need a mentor

There are various reasons why I believe mentorship is the way of the future. People spend thousands of dollars attending seminars and conferences hoping to learn a new skill. Quite often, mentorship is overlooked. We are not omniscient. If we were, there would be no fulfillment in learning anything new. If, like me, you are […]

Interview with Anoop Ahuja Judge

Author of the Rummy Club: A Novel

I recently sat down with Anoop Ahuja Judge to discuss her latest book “The Rummy Club: A Novel”.  Anoop discusses what led her to write her debut novel and the challenges and lessons learned from the writing and publishing process.  The Rummy Club is an interesting and insightful novel that tells the story of four […]

5 Ways to Get Through Your Reading List Faster

reading list

If you are finding it difficult to set aside time for reading, you are not alone. Alternatives to reading are all around us. Never thought I would say the word “alternatives to reading!”  To be honest, the idea of finding alternatives to reading terrifies me, for a good reason. I read a lot when I […]

A Love Affair with Books


Imagine a world with no bookstores. Personally, I just won’t do it, because as a person who visits bookstores regularly, this one thought keeps running through my mind: bookstores are magical places. I feel great sadness when I read the ongoing predictions that the future of physical bookstores is doomed. Over the last few years […]

Interview with Brian P. Swift

Author Brian Swift

Author Brian P Swift discusses his book “UP: Getting up is the Key to Life”.  At 17, Brian broke his neck and became quadriplegic.  In this interview, he talks about what inspired him to write the book, his journey through the writing process and future projects.  Brian is a truly inspirational author with a unique […]