MVP007: How to Make a Career Change Part 2

Additional Career advice you should consider when making a career change. Insightful and concrete tips to help you transition to a new career. Download the companion worksheet to make the best of this podcast: Podcast Highlights: Brief Recap of Episode 6 – 1:15 Career Change Advice #8 – 2:30 Career Change Informational Interview Questions […]

MVP006: How to Make a Career Change Part 1

Advice on how to make a career change. Career advice that details the steps to change careers and some key factors to consider before making a career switch. Download the companion worksheet to make the best of this podcast: Podcast Highlights: Introduction of topic – how to make a career change Bonus download announcement […]

How to Stop Procrastinating and Finish What You Start

Stop Procratinating and finish what you start

If you have trouble finishing what you start you are not going to finish reading this blog post, are you? If that’s the case, seek immediate medical help! I am kidding, of course! A little procrastination humor. On a serious note, here is how to stop procrastination – the summarized version of this blog post […]

MVP000: Welcome to the Motivational Voice Podcast

Learn what to expect from the Motivational Voice Podcast, your very own life coach podcast. Understand what you can learn in terms of motivation and inspiration, the purpose of the podcast and finally, how the podcast is structured. Podcast Highlights: About the host – 1:10 Purpose of the podcast – 2:27 Podcast structure and topics […]

MVP005: Goal Setting – How to set Goals and Achieve Them

Learn 7 effective steps for setting and achieving your goals. Concrete examples are given for how to apply the 7 steps of goal setting. In this session of the Motivational Voice Podcast, I talk about how to set goals and achieve them and focus real life examples and offer tips on how to correctly set […]

MVP004: How to Overcome Your Fear of Starting a Business

Use sound techniques to eliminate risk and the fear of starting your own business. My first interview is a very inspirational one: Jina Schaefer, from The Happy Healthy Truth, who left her corporate job to start her own business, shares insightful tips about what she learned and how she found the strength to go at it […]

Interview with Author Beverly Golden

Meet Canadian author Beverly Golden as she talks about book marketing strategies she used for her book, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie.  She recalls her experiences at a book retreat and thoughts about targeting your book audience and navigating the publishing process.  This is an insightful interview that gives a good sense for Beverly’s energy […]

MVP003: How to Deal with Negative People

Learn strategies for dealing with negativity in an effective manner. This is an important skill to learn and can come in handy in either your personal or professional life. In this episode of the Motivational Voice Podcast, I cover the importance of knowing how to deal with negative people. A skill that can not only […]

Book Awards: An Author’s Shortcut to Fame

Books Awards Submission

Alright, maybe my title is somewhat flamboyant.  Any veteran author will tell you that there are no shortcuts to fame.  However, winning a book award or two can definitely put you on the right track to gaining national and even international recognition.   It is said that it takes on average 4 to 5 books before […]