A Senegalese-American’s View On Race in America, After 20 years of Observations

Black and White Hands

I am Senegalese. I was born and raised in West Africa. I am also a proud American since 2004. What I am about to share may damage all the work I have done for the past several years to build my personal brand as an author, a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur.   I normally […]

A Love Affair with Books


Imagine a world with no bookstores. Personally, I just won’t do it, because as a person who visits bookstores regularly, this one thought keeps running through my mind: bookstores are magical places. I feel great sadness when I read the ongoing predictions that the future of physical bookstores is doomed. Over the last few years […]

5 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

New Year’s resolutions are made every year.  The dawning of a new year often brings a renewed sense of self. We pause, analyze and reflect on the past year. We also resolve to improve some aspect of our lives. This willingness to be better, do better and aspire for better is evidenced by the resolutions […]

First Anniversary of the Sandy Hook School Shooting

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First Anniversary of the Sandy Hook School Shooting The first Anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy is upon us. Indeed, it was a year ago, on December 14, 2012, that our nation faced one of the deadliest school shootings in history. Sadly, this was not the first tragedy. What makes the Newtown events so tragic […]

The Sandy Hook Syndrome – A Growing Trend in America?

On the upcoming first anniversary of the Sandy Hook school tragedy, there is strong evidence of how the event is affecting communities across the United States. A new diagnosis, known as the Sandy Hook Syndrome (a phrase I coined), has emerged. After researching the issues at length, the findings are alarming yet interesting. The Sandy […]