Book Awards: An Author’s Shortcut to Fame

Books Awards Submission

Alright, maybe my title is somewhat flamboyant.  Any veteran author will tell you that there are no shortcuts to fame.  However, winning a book award or two can definitely put you on the right track to gaining national and even international recognition.   It is said that it takes on average 4 to 5 books before […]

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

Why you need a mentor

There are various reasons why I believe mentorship is the way of the future. People spend thousands of dollars attending seminars and conferences hoping to learn a new skill. Quite often, mentorship is overlooked. We are not omniscient. If we were, there would be no fulfillment in learning anything new. If, like me, you are […]

How to Design the Best Book Cover Possible – Part 2

Book covers

Big readers pick books to read by going on review sites like Goodreads or Librarything. They peruse hundreds of books looking at the cover thumbnails. Many skip over the books that have a less than appealing cover – wouldn’t you if you had so many to choose from? I know this because I did a […]

How to Design the Best Book Cover Possible – Part 1

Book covers

A good book cover design matters. Readers do judge a book by its cover. It is no secret; it is human nature. It is a matter of aesthetics and appeal. Our brains are wired that way: we are visually drawn to symmetry, colors and arrangements that speak to our inner Picasso. Advertisers have known this […]

How to Research Your Book Topic

How to Research Your Book

Have you ever wondered why some books go on to become bestsellers while others fail?  Knowing how to research your book topic can determine which side of the fence you find yourself as a writer.  All things equal, a well researched book topic, can drastically make or break your writing career, especially if you are […]