Interview with Author Beverly Golden

Meet Canadian author Beverly Golden as she talks about book marketing strategies she used for her book, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie.  She recalls her experiences at a book retreat and thoughts about targeting your book audience and navigating the publishing process.  This is an insightful interview that gives a good sense for Beverly’s energy […]

Interview with Author Caroline Oceana Ryan

Author caroline oceana ryan

Got Irish ties? Check out my recent interview with author and peace activist, Caroline Oceana Ryan. Journalist by training, Caroline puts her inquisitive and investigative skills to work. She researched and self published an eye open book on Northern Irish life after the peace agreement. The book, “Adventures in Belfast”, is of particular interest to […]

Interview with Anoop Ahuja Judge

Author of the Rummy Club: A Novel

I recently sat down with Anoop Ahuja Judge to discuss her latest book “The Rummy Club: A Novel”.  Anoop discusses what led her to write her debut novel and the challenges and lessons learned from the writing and publishing process.  The Rummy Club is an interesting and insightful novel that tells the story of four […]

Interview with Brian P. Swift

Author Brian Swift

Author Brian P Swift discusses his book “UP: Getting up is the Key to Life”.  At 17, Brian broke his neck and became quadriplegic.  In this interview, he talks about what inspired him to write the book, his journey through the writing process and future projects.  Brian is a truly inspirational author with a unique […]

Author Interview – Michelle Hinck

I sat down for an interview with Michelle Hinck about the new edition of her book, “Great Love, the Mary Jo Copeland Story.” In this extended interview, Michelle passionately talks about the book and the journey its taken her through over the past 10 years. She also talks about the book publishing process and her […]