The Cat Who Was Afraid of His Shadow

The Cat Who Was Afraid of His Shadow
Genre: Children's book
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 44
ISBN: 9781490473888
A ruthless suburban cat that terrorizes all animals reigns supreme at a farmhouse, until a faithful day when he meets an unexpected foe. An extraordinary journey begins, revealing a hidden and wondrous world that spans the four corners of the earth. Everything changes…
About the Book

The tortoise takes a marble out of the pouch, studies it at length, then says, “Okay. Get on.”
“Get on what?” asks Silky, confused.
The tortoise points at his shell.
“You are kidding, right? You’re like a hundred years old! I will break you in half if I sit on you!”
The tortoise smacks Silky on the head with his cane and declares solemnly, “I am a hundred and fifteen years old. And no, I never kid around. Do you want to go home or not?”
“Fine!” says Silky. “Don’t go blaming me if you get hurt.”
“Hold on tight!” says the tortoise.

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