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Oumar Dieng
Hi there!  My name is Oumar Dieng.

I help people reach their personal or professional goals by teaching them, through coaching, how to enhance their motivation and foster positive habits.

I am a motivational speaker, storyteller, author and life coach.  Over the years, I have served hundreds of people through seminars, speeches, podcasts and coaching sessions.

I am an eternal optimist who always manages to see the positive in every situation -even though sometimes, my positive outlook on life drives my wife crazy!   I see life through a lens of positivity and motivation, which helps me get through the multiple projects, speaking engagements, group coaching, book writing, family and extracurricular responsibilities.  I believe I survived some life threatening situations in my teens and early 20s thanks to my resilience and my positive take on life.

I am a big fan of languages and foreign cultures – I speak 5 languages and I am learning 3 more!  I love to play soccer, volleyball, learn guitar and spend time with my wife and 3 boys!

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If you are looking to work with me, I am available for one on one life coaching sessions or speaking engagements. Email me at: info at oumardieng dot com.

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Thanks for reading!

Oumar Dieng

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