MVP12: How to Stop Worrying About Everything

How do you stop worrying about life in general and negative events that happen around us? These days it feels like the world is going downhill. We are surrounded by bad news, natural disasters coupled with our own personal struggles. In this session, I introduce a simple exercise that teaches you how to stop worrying […]

MVP11: How to Improve Communication in Your Relationship and Avoid Fights

How to Improve Communication

14 tips on how to improve communication in your relationship.  I break down how to avoid fights in a relationship by addressing 14 areas of communication.  If you feel communication in your relationship could be improved, this episode will offer you advice and tips on how to do that.  Some of the biggest challenges in […]

MVP10: How to Brand Yourself and Build a Brand with Leonard Kim

How do you brand yourself or your company? In this episode, I interview Leonard Kim, brand strategist and marketing strategy expert. Leonard shares tips on how to build your brand and provides useful information on the best way to approach your brand strategy. Branding can be useful to anyone looking to present themselves in a […]

MVP009: How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

This episode shares 6 tips for keeping your new year’s resolution throughout the year using real examples and strategies for how to keep your new year’s resolutions and do it efficiently. The tips shared in this episode can also be applied to any short-term goals. Podcast Highlights: Resolution Tip #1 – 12:33 Resolution Tip #1 […]

A Senegalese-American’s View On Race in America, After 20 years of Observations

Black and White Hands

I am Senegalese. I was born and raised in West Africa. I am also a proud American since 2004. What I am about to share may damage all the work I have done for the past several years to build my personal brand as an author, a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur.   I normally […]

MVP008: How to Communicate Effectively

Ryan Avery, 2012 world champion of public speaking shares tips on effective communication skills. Good communication skills are essential for creating and building lasting relationships. Communication can be effective when the proper techniques are applied. In this interview, Ryan talks about what motivated him to become a public speaker and shares insightful techniques for improving […]

MVP007: How to Make a Career Change Part 2

Additional Career advice you should consider when making a career change. Insightful and concrete tips to help you transition to a new career. Download the companion worksheet to make the best of this podcast: Podcast Highlights: Brief Recap of Episode 6 – 1:15 Career Change Advice #8 – 2:30 Career Change Informational Interview Questions […]

MVP006: How to Make a Career Change Part 1

Advice on how to make a career change. Career advice that details the steps to change careers and some key factors to consider before making a career switch. Download the companion worksheet to make the best of this podcast: Podcast Highlights: Introduction of topic – how to make a career change Bonus download announcement […]

How to Stop Procrastinating and Finish What You Start

Stop Procratinating and finish what you start

If you have trouble finishing what you start you are not going to finish reading this blog post, are you? If that’s the case, seek immediate medical help! I am kidding, of course! A little procrastination humor. On a serious note, here is how to stop procrastination – the summarized version of this blog post […]